Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Riya Gupta-Animation Design

Hello CEED and NID aspirants!

In this post,i will tell you the basic key points to remember before starting with the animation question. Friends, you might have heard the following anomalies regarding an animation question:
  • Time taking
  • Too lengthy
  • Too much detailing needed
The main challenge which make the students skip the animation question is time management.Friends,if you follow these effective points which i have explained below,you will complete the question and in a very attractive manner too !

An animation question includes various sub tasks to perform like:
let me clear you these points separately,

1. Making frames

While making the frames don't go with very small sized frames untill and unless you are asked to make 8-10+ frames.Small frames tend to make your story too messy as you will make the main characters small and comparatively the background .Also while erasing the work inside the frame will tend to rub the frame also.
Tip:Don't go with the boring equal sized frames .You can make the frames of smaller and bigger size ,arrange them attractively.this will give your answer "Stand out of others".
Take a look at the example below-

So,its better to make ideal sized frames.neither too small, nor too big.

2. Creating the main characters (such that they stand out of the whole)

While creating your main character,don't go with too much detailing.Students waste their time making some very unnecessary minute details like the character fanciful clothes,accessories,too much expressions,shading,etc.

You only need to concentrate on the action told in the question.

3. Background

The biggest mistake students do is detailing the background.Yes! this is what eating your precious time.Students just make the background as fanciful as they can.but the fact is,it diverts the observer from the main character!

take a look at the image below:

The focus should be on the main character ,but the background is too much detailed such that the observer will get easily confused.
The correct background making should be like this :

I think now you clearly got what i was trying to explain.:)

4. Exclamatory captions 

The captions always completes your grabs the attention of the observer and if your sketch is not to that level also,trust me ,it compensates it ! 
look at the storyboard below,the captions like "swoosh","whamm" are clearly grabbing our attention and making it a real storyboard !

5. Adding perspective

Adding perspective is a very important thing to remember,as it makes the storyboard to look real and attention can make bird's eye view or insect's eye view.These views are commonly used while storyboarding by professionals.

Take a look at both the views:



6. Coloring(if time left)
Your pencil is enough for a storyboard,but if you get a couple of minutes more,you can color your main character or whole storyboard depending upon the time remaining.You can also use monochromatic coloring to the secondary characters/background to focus the main character.

Some students are comfortable with a pen rather than a pencil,if you are one of them,use pen in the exam.there is no restriction with the stationary you use.Keep in mind of the pens you use ,use a good quality of pens that doesn't stain.

Friends,start with the previous year questions and try to complete them in the time fold given. Practice daily with these questions, read comic strips which come across various newspapers/magazines,learn from web resources,etc. At last you will see the difference in you ,trust me!you can even complete the question before time!

In the next post, i will be showing you my solution to animation questions. till then,keep practicing !


  1. Hi Riya,

    Thank you so much for making this interesting post and giving tips and steps for making/dealing with animation and story board questions for CEED and NID students.

    I'm happy to see your writing style as well as your way of organizing and grouping topics systematically. You have reduced my burden of editing too much in this page :)

    Hopefully, many gets befitted from this post. Waiting to see your animation attempts too. Thanks again.

    1. And yes, please make sure that you leave reference links for the images (for upcoming posts) that you are using in your posts to avoid copyright issues.

    2. thanks to you too sir !
      thanks for giving me such a helpful and amazing platform to post my strategies and works for the aspirants 😊
      along with thousands of aspirants,syl helped me too😊
      yes,from the next time,i will remind myself about the links..
      i will be posting my works very soon.
      thank you !

  2. thanks a lot sir and mam.. Riya mam i have chosen animation and film design..for NID and im good in human anatomy but not much interested in animal drawing(average) like they ask previous questions to make crow,eagle,tiger etc..please guide me for this kind of problem i,m looking forward to your new posts. .

    1. anurag,all you need is just practice. if you are far good at human anatomy,you could be good at animal anatomy too guy!
      Just do one thing,write the names of all the common animals( which we came across)at one place,and categorise them according to the type such as mammals,birds,reptiles,domestic animals etc.daily try to sketch this way you will cover all the animals systematically. .just practice!

  3. Looking much professional to me. Especially to mention that your "living thing" sketches are showing life and expression. And a small clarification! Shall I know how long you was to practice to make these works?
    And also how long you would recommend for beginners like me to come near this? Also all can give me your opinions.