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This blog acts as a discussion platform for design-aspirants to learn the different levels of sketching and design. This blog is an extension to 'Stuff You Look' blog. SYL is basically created to serve the needs of design exams, CEED and UCEED exams to be more specific. Last year I created an online feedback form in order to look into the needs of the readers. Many people suggested me to create an online discussion forum or something, where I can rope in seniors as well as fellow aspirants in discussing the different aspects of a design/sketch. So, I came up with this idea - making a blog which is accessible by everyone. 

Please read this whole page, before taking further action.

Why this blog ?

  • Previous two years, I managed to interact with students, by giving feedback and reviews, mostly through mails and little through FB. But, this year, I'm into studies and so I fear I cannot get sufficient time to interact, like I did earlier. Also, taking into account the feedback from last year form, I got to know that design feedbacks are very important as part of design exam preparations. So, I plan this way - make an interactive blog, so that authors are themselves reviewers. Although I myself (as well as some of my friends whom are currently in IIT's) will be interacting frequently (whenever we get time).
  • The other reason - even if we are not available immediately for design discussion, we might be available later to overview your works. So, this is one way better than mail reviews.
  • I would also wish to make a database of works done by many, which would obviously serve for future students. Even if you share in FB, that would obviously last only for several days to months and it gets hidden with due course of time. So, having a collection is a good idea for others reference. 
  • Last but not least, you will get to know many students. You will also get the opportunity to have separate posts named after you - you being the author :P

How to be a Author ?

Interested to be a part of this blog ? 
Do you wish to take part in this discussion form and be a author ? 

All you need to do is send your mail ID to me in our FB page - Stuff You Look Facebook page.

Learn the step-by-step procedure on - How to create your own post

How this works ?

  1. You can be a contributor/author of this blog, and can make your own posts. The base idea is to share you design or design works here - so that you can get reviews from other fellow authors. Also, efforts are being undertaken to bring in MDes and other design prospect students, whom can guide you with your works. 
  2. You are also allowed to go through others works, which will help you learn different concepts as well as understand your design level compared to others. This should help you improve quickly. 
  3. Like I said in Stuff You Look, expectations are more, when there is two way communication. You speaking about others works, and allowing others to speak about your works. This is one effective approach to (quick) learning.

Some do's and don'ts ?

  • Share mostly pictures depicting designs and sketches. Also specify the question for which you have answered. A page will be dedicated with your name. You can upload/update your works in the same page. If it gets lengthy, then you can go for new post but mostly stick to a single page/post. Posts are regularly monitored and so if anything out of topic found, then that will get deleted immediately. You can also share writings like explanations to designs/concepts.
  • The good part is you can even share your views about the exam, exam pattern, or even the resources (any online links, pdf's etc) that you come across for others benefit. 
  • Please son't post too many portraits. This blog is not meant for popularizing someone. Make it a learning platform. 
  • To give feedback to others works, simply use the comment section available at the end of all posts.
  • Be genuine and give practical suggestions instead of speaking something!
  • Don't post general questions !  other than design questions. Stuff You Look posts are there to take care of general FAQ's. You can check there, but not here !

At the end, all the best for your start and do let me know if you have any queries/difficulty in using this blog.


  1. How to create a post using gmail account?

  2. Good evening sir! I'm Shiva Aran. I have posted my works, doubts and requests on our blog but have not received any reply or suggestions yet past two days. Is there any other procedure sir? I'm eager for your suggestions sir!

  3. Hi Bhanu Sir

    I want to know is it necessary to do M.Des?
    I have done BFA in applied arts and currently in final year of MFA (Visualization & Campaign Planning)
    Plz Guide me a bit everyone says its necessary to do M.Des?

    Thank You
    Abhijit Maurya

    1. I'm really not sure about MFA and it's job prospects, if u can get good jobs after MFA, then obviously it's not needed, anyway ur seniors who did MFA can guide u better than me.

  4. Pls add me as an author

  5. Pls do add me. I'm dropping my email account here, sethitanisha3@gmail.com

  6. @Sethi, You have been added, you should have received a mail by now.
    Not showing ur comment here coz ur comment has ur mail id which I don't want to disclose here!

  7. Hey There, Could You Pls Mail Me The Notes Or Documents You Have Prepared I'm A Beginner.
    Thanks For This Blog!!

  8. Am venkatesh am preparing for Uceed exam plz send some notes to prepare and my mail is venkatesh90593@gmail.com

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  10. Hello sir, I wanted to ask that should we decide the design discipline i would like to pursue beforehand? Because when I went to NID for campus visit there the faculty said that we shouldn't and should rather focus on enhancing our creative skills... but then on what base should I make my portfolio? I'll be applying for bachelor's in 2019

    1. Do first prepare for the mid exam as such regardless of the portfolio. Without clearing the DAT exam, your portfolio will not be seen. Thing is after giving exam also, u can start ur portfolio. Coming to portfolio, it better be the stream that u wish to choose. But, most of the times, the student is not sure of the stream. We might have to choose slightly different stream based on the rank that we get. So, it’s not that good if we try make the portfolio only one stream specific. That’s the first reason why I’m advising you to wait till the exam so that you will get to know whether you will get the desired seat or not. Or, plan to make a portfolio such that it delivers to two-three streams. Think n decide.

    2. NID doesn't ask for portfolio for b.des.... or do they?

  11. Hello sir, I have a doubt whether I should decide the discipline I would like to pursue beforehand? I'm asking this because when I went to NID for campus visit then there the faculty told to focus solely on creativity....then on what base should I prepare my portfolio?
    I'll be applying for bachelor's in 2019.

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  16. Greetings sir. I am Gowtham. I have one Doubt sir. In Part A, can we skip some questions and can we navigate back to the left out previous questions? If we leave Q.No. 6 and we move to further questions can we again navigate back to the Q. 6 to answer that?

  17. Sir is any couching centre is required for uceed, if required on which bases I want to search for it?

    1. You can check the detailed explanation in this post, which is applicable for all design exams.