Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A solution to story writing problem asked in CEED 2014.

A solution to story writing problem asked in CEED 2014.

This is a post by another CEED aspirant Prashant Kumar Verma,

Here I am sharing one of the possible solutions to the question shown below:
The solution was originated from preparation for my very attempt to CEED. Please go through, provide alternate answers and add necessary corrections in comments if any. 
Here it goes:
One evening, as Mr. and Mrs. Bajaj returned to their home after completing their work at offices they found the children standing at the door waiting for them. Both the children Sunil and Sunita were so eager to go out and play that they immediately left the house just after wishing a 'good evening' to their parents. At the same time, Mr. Bajaj's mother and sister Sonal visited the TV hall for evening tea. The mother went to prepare tea for Mr. and Mrs. Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj's father was seated on the sofa dealing with his record of previously invested shares and planning for a new investment. For him, TV was a pretty good source of market news as well as expert advice. Mrs. Bajaj and Sonal sat to relax and changed the TV channel from market news to some sort of serials. The instant Mr. Bajaj sat on the sofa a sharp and loud bark coming out of his pet dog Shadow's mouth, tore his ears and shook his head. He jumped out of sofa like a monkey. Seeing this Sonal and Mrs. Bajaj started laughing like a drain. The mother who just came back from the kitchen after instructing the cook, couldn't stop herself from laughing too. She got imbalanced and her leg hit a table with a flower pot on it placed nearby. The flower pot dropped to the ground and broke along with the father's concentration. "what happened ?" the father asked with standing ears. All the three ladies couldn't respond and laughed until the prepared tea turns cold. 


  1. Prashanth,
    first thing, the situation is about a 'Club house' and not about regular house. So, the whole story that you wrote won't be applicable to the given scenario. That's y i always insisted in my earlier posts

    Next thing, all your writing is good and I really appreciate your sentence framing skills. They are very good. Just make sure that fpr these kind of questions, you write what is visible in the picture. Like, for ex you mentioned that the mother ran over making the flower pot fall which is not visible in the scene.

    I suggest you to go thru the link - http://stuffyoulook.blogspot.in/2016/05/tips-for-writing-story-from-images-composition.html

    Good try :)

  2. The Case of Missing Cat..

    It was a regular weekend evening at the Club Royale Clubhouse. People were gathering and taking their place, in front of TV screen, waiting eagerly for the cricket match to begin. I heard a lady's voice coming from the back, and turned to see it was Aunt Sophia calling her husband David, who was sitting beside me with his eyes buried deep in newspaper. I turned to aunt Sophia. She looked worried and was searching for something. It turned out that Cathy, her beloved cat was missing and she could not find her. Soon all the clubhouse started to look for cathy. Everyone was looking here and there, except one person. Uncle David. He was still busy with the news paper.
    After half an hour of searching, we were still unable to find cathy in crowded clubhouse. Suddenly, Uncle David kept his newspaper, bent down under the sofa and there she was. Cathy was in Uncle David's hands. Even before we could ask him how he knew where cathy was, he laughed and replied "Its her Usual place to hide" .
    Looking at us he laughed